Tamarindo Real Estate in Costa Rica MUST WATCH INTERVIEW with Matt Rosensteele

I am so excited to share this interview with you all!!

Skip to 19:00, if you want to get to the information that would be helpful for anyone thinking to purchase real estate in any area of Costa Rica (not only Tamarindo area).

This video’s interview was done with Matt Rosensteele, a Real Estate agent in the Tamarindo area of Costa Rica.

In this interview, Matt discusses
- The area of Guanacaste
- Why it is attractive for expats who look to purchase in the area
- What amenities are available
- The climate
- Choosing a real estate who is your ADVOCATE
- Do’s & Don’ts
- … and so much more!!

This is an interview you will NOT want to miss!!

As you know I do not typically host real estate agents but I have been taking my time to really find some stand out, star agents in the country that I will be featuring. My goal is always to make sure that you are connected with the BEST and TRUSTED resources in the country who have YOUR best interest at heart.

You can find Matt’s YouTube Channel at: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCYVBFNLGdaKGv9jQ16qLsMQ

If you are ready to purchase property in Costa Rica and would like to get in contact with him, please shoot me an email at sarah@lasarahelena.com and I will connect you both!

If you are not quite ready for such a big step but do plan to move, your next step would be to apply for a phone call to speak with me about some of your questions and learn about what the process may look like for you.

You can book a call via my website at lasarahelena.com

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