Costa Rica

Experiences For those who want to view as much as possible in a week approximately.

Mini Significant Experiences

Brief vacations with places that stimulate substantial moments

5 Day - San Jose My Home Base - Costa Rica $850 USD per individual 5 Day-San Jose My Home Base Make San Jose your home to explore Costa Rica taking one day tours to tourist attractions that are within 1.5– 3.5 hours … more > 5 Day Coast-to-Coast Rainforest Beach & Turtles - Costa Rica$1,050 USD per person 5 Day Coast-to-Coast Jungle Beach & Turtles Immerse yourself in the Pacific and Caribbean jungles of Costa Rica. Chase wildlife and play in the waves in Manuel … more > 5 Day Volcanoes, Waterfalls & Rainforest Beach - Costa Rica $1,350 USD per individual 5 Day Volcanoes, Waterfalls & Jungle Beach Get the scoop of San Jose in a double-decker VIP City Bus. Wander in the Waterfall Gardens. See the Poas … more > 5- Day Memorable Thrills & Beach Relaxation - Costa Rica$1,100 USD per person 5-Day Unforgettable Thrills & Beach Relaxation Thrills & Relaxation a remarkable vacation! Rappel down waterfalls, white water raft II and II rapids, zip line above the … more > 5-day The City & Dry Forest Beach - Costa Rica$1,150 USD per individual 5-day The City & Dry Forest Beach Discover San Jose’s primary landmarks and destinations and experience the Tamarindo beach’s paradox: tranquil, yet touristy; … more > 6 Day Cloud Forest, Hot Springs & Beach Amusement - Costa Rica $ 950 USD per individual 6 Day Cloud Forest, Hot Springs & Beach Amusement Stroll the cloud forest from the ground up! Trek on the trails of the Monteverde Cloud Forest, zoom though trees and … more >


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