Jaco requires Extending Beach Hours and evaluating restriction to

The Municipality of Garabito once again questioned the requirements with which the authorities imposed limitations against COVID-19. “For the Municipality it is needed that the Federal government recognize the reality as a canton that lives off tourism. This summer it is necessary to take well balanced steps that include both truths,” stated the organization.

The early closure of beaches and the prolonged vehicle limitation are part of the signs made by the mayor of the area, Tobías Murillo. In a letter dealt with to President Carlos Alvarado, the Ministry of Health, and the National Emergency Situation Commission, Murillo asked that the beaches stay open up until 5:00 pm. He also recommended modifications in the automobile blood circulation limitation, which again prevented the flow of automobiles on weekends.

Coordinated security plan

Murillo insisted that the Town has developed its own strategies to ensure the security of visitors. “We have made a significant investment to install indications with hygienic procedures, sinks, and public showers,” he said. The method has also consisted of the delivery of brochures and guidance to the businesses. “This end of the year we had a large influx of visitors and despite this we went from orange alert to yellow, this reveals that we have actually been an accountable canton”, concluded Murillo.

Courts process a lawsuit versus the closure of beaches
Along the exact same lines as the claims of the Municipality of Garabito, the nationwide courts processed a writ of habeas corpus versus the closure of beaches. The claim was submitted by lawyer Walter Brenes, a citizen of Jacó.

“The closure is an arbitrariness that harms constitutional rights, particularly those related to the enjoyment of the public domain considering that there is no guideline to restrict conduct related to gain access to and totally free movement of individuals on the beaches,” says the appeal.

The appeal specifically points to the ministries of the Presidency, Health and Security. Likewise to President Carlos Alvarado. According to the plaintiff, the step has an increased negative effect amongst those who live in the beach locations. It consists of the right to totally free transit. The complaint was submitted this past Monday and on Tuesday Court IV took it for review.

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