Surf Fishing in Costa Rica

Shore Fishing in Costa Rica Would you like to go surf fishing in Costa Rica during your vacations? It is simple, bring with you your preferred rod & reel and bring them with you. Right in the early morning, the action starts at the beach at 6am, and it is the best time to come down and wait there to begin fishing and have some fun. Nearly everybody loves this type of fishing, from young kids to older males like to provide it an opportunity.

No procedures, no limitations nor fishing licenses for fishing from the shore in Costa Rica, just enjoyable and relaxing casting for some jacks, mackerel, blue runners and if fortunate: little Roosterfish!!!. No, no snook here at Papagayo bacause there is no great river mouth, as I stated before, nevertheless, there are Roosterfish, jacks, mackerel, Ladyfish, and other species.

surf fishing in costa rica

Surf fishing in Playa del Coco, Hermosa, Matapalo, Potrero and many other beaches is good in the months in between late January and early April; nevertheless, some species like Roosterfish is territorial and they are suffering there all year.

In some cases, you can find a local man doing surf fishing in the same area; they use to utilize sardines for bottom fishing; so, you can trade some lures for fresh bait. Bring some weights and j hooks and prepare yourself for the bottom fishing. Remember that: “a bad day of fishing is better than an excellent day at the office”.

What should I bring?, well it is simple, a 10-15lb speening would be excellent, some spoons, feathers or little poppers will works excellent too. We use silver spoons and plumes to catch Jack Jurel and mackerel.

fishing in from shore in costa rica

Like I stated formerly, the best time to browse fishing is right in the early morning; but often it is much better in the afternoon, after 3-4 pm. The last time I was at Playa Matapalo (Riu Guanacaste beach), a local person was fishing for Jurels utilizing a silver spoon, really helpful

When I was a young boy, I utilized to fish in between 5:00 am till 6:30 am before i started running due to the fact that the school started at 7:30 am, ooh!!! What beautiful moments I had; whether it drizzled or not; well, that is not the point. I fished with feathers (lures made from a real chicken) and a sort of lure made from a bone (Hueso), it worked like a popper.

So, enjoy surf fishing in Costa Rica, in some cases it is right in front of your home or resort, just a couple of meters far from you. It is much better to be all set. Lots of foreigners enjoy the dry season in Coco beach in the months between January and late March, the beach, the sun and for anyone fishing early in the morning.


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