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Jaco Nightlife is famous! Clubs, bars, discos, dive bars, & VIP bottle service, Jaco has it all. Prices, photos, map. Guide By Night of Week – Updated 2018. We have all-inclusive Jaco bachelor party packages and guys getaway packages with rooms, food, open bar, concierge, and parties at our spectacular hotel. Click for details.

NEWS FLASH – New game in town. Veteran Jaco impresarios Johnathan and Nella present the grand opening of JACO BAR across from Mas X Menos in downtown Jaco Friday October 12th. We will have more coverage after this new space is unveiled. Johnathan has the magic touch.

Here are a guy and gal in Jaco you might want to get to know…. The host and hostess with the magic touch.

Jaco Nightlife VIPs

Jaco Nightlife VIPs IN THE HOUSE !

E Entertainment channel recognized Jaco’s lively nightlife scene, labeling Jaco as a world-class “party destination.” We’ve got the local knowledge on Jaco Beach nightlife. Prices and a night by night guide to bars and clubs in Jaco Costa Rica plus general information about the party scene in Jaco follow. Read on.

Miss Reef Jaco Nightlife

Miss Reef Contests are a Jaco Nightlife Favorite

Check out this well-produced video of Jaco Nightlife. Music: Zach Deputy @ Monkey Bar for Jungle Jam. Crowd dancing plus some street footage. This guy right here throws down some very smooth Cumbia dancing and then drops some break dance moves, shows you his keys, proud to be livin’ in doors this week.

jaco nightlife local

Jaco Nightlife – Local Flavor – Cumbia & Break Dancing

Click it now to open a new browser window and play it as you read this page. You gotta see this beautifully shot video and hear Zach’s killer groove.

Jaco club nightlife used to kick off pretty late at night. You would rarely find people out in numbers after 11. Now with Green Room’s nightly music offerings, some people are getting a much earlier start. You’ll find a small and growing crowd there starting at 8 or 9 most nights.

On Sundays, Jaco nightlife shifts gears and turns into Jaco Daylife at the pool party at four star hotel DoceLunas. Attendance varies for the early session from 2 to 6. From 6 to 10, the crowd shows up for free zacate (lemon grass and guaro) shooters, drink specials and grill options like sliders and cuban sandwiches.

Line of women doing shots in Jaco Nightlife


Jaco Bar and Club Prices

Most bars and clubs have no entry fee. You might encounter a cover charge of $2 to $4 in some places for a special DJ. Live acts at Green Room are always free and there is music almost every night. Beers start at $2 – 1000 colones. They are a little over a dollar in package stores. Liquor drinks are usually $5 – 2,5000 colones or more.

Jaco Nightlife girl in crowd dressed for Coachella

Wait… This Isn’t Coachella….

Jaco Costa Rica Nightlife Map

Here is a handy map of Jaco Costa Rica Nightlife. We will be adding an interactive map with more details soon. Meanwhile, you can see Jaco Blu, Man Cave, Orange Pub, The Wave, Los Amigos, Le Loft, & Green Room all along or just off the main street in Jaco, Avenida Pastor Diaz. You can see DoceLunas is about two miles from Green Room. It’s a short $4 cab ride or a 40 minute walk.

Jaco Nightlife Map

Jaco Nightlife Map

The owner of DoceLunas is a Jaco Nightlife expert, having spent over a decade in diligent and relentless research in Jaco since moving here. He spent years exploring after hours around the world before choosing Jaco. You might enjoy getting to know him, up at DoceLunas Boruca Bar where he starts the evening, or at DoceLunas’ Sunday Pool Party, which starts in the afternoon and runs til 10 pm. The hotel is nice and cool and quiet in the morning when you are sleeping in or recovering with a bloody mary by the pool, shaded by the majestic trees and the rooms are huge. It’s less than 2 miles from the Green Room, $4 cab ride.

Jaco Nightlife Update in Brief:

Jaco Nightlife – When and Where

When: Sundays – Afternoon til 10pm


Four star hotel DoceLunas welcomes locals and visitors with an open pool party. Splash around or float on a pool toy in the beautiful free form mosaic-lined pool or hide out in the waterfall cave. Enjoy drink specials, grilled food, and free zacate shooters. What’s a zacate shooter? Come find out?

When: First – Every Night from 6 to 12

Green Room Jaco

It’s 2017 and Jaco is all growed up. The Green room is a casually sophisticated restaurant/art gallery/bar and venue with offerings of the sort of quality and diversity you might not expect in a small (albeit party-oriented) town. It is anything but Same-O. They have live music every night, and the quality ranges from good to excellent. They’ve just been getting better and better.

group of people at table in Green Room enjoying Jaco Nightlife

Jaco Nightlife Highlight: The Green Room

Same goes for the food. Micro brew beer is popular with the crowd. Strong local support and good regulars, patio, one block from beach near Mas por Menos. HIGHLY recommend. New spot in Jaco Walk coming very soon. It’s open earlier than 6 – that’s just the earliest you will find a “nightlife crowd” in there. But by all means, don’t hesitate to go there for an excellent lunch with a delicious local craft beer.

For an even wider beer selection….

Bier House street sign

Sign of a Good Time – The Bier House Jaco

When: Friday and Saturday from 10 to 1 are peak hours…

The Bier House Jaco

But come anytime. The beer selection is incredible and this cozy pub is small enough that even if you come early and catch it empty you’ll feel comfortable hanging with the knowledgeable bartender  – often the affable owner himself, sometimes the general manager of DoceLunas, moonlighting at his favorite spot.

They have a remarkable international beer selection, but you should pass it over and discover what Costa Rica brewers have to offer. It started out a little wobbly a decade ago but Costa Rica has a robust craft brewing scene now, and Bier House Jaco does a great job of representing the diversity of offerings. Count on a selection of at least twenty carefully selected local beers on tap, representing the full range of Costa Rican brewers.

people partying in Bier House bar

Bier House has a cozy pub atmosphere and great beer selection

Friday and Saturday The Bier House will often have an excellent eclectic rock DJ at this hidden spot down a walkway behind The Pizza Shop, which also is a bit of scene in its own right – and they top some of their excellent pizzas with amazing local meat products from “Hey Earl BBQ & Smoker”. Pop out for a slice and return continue your tasting adventure.

When: Last – Until You … Just.. Can’t….

The Wave – Jaco

The latest bar in town, open til first light. You ready for this? You sure? If you are not accustomed to say, the average after hours crowd (or booze can, if your from Canada eh) the patrons at this last of the Jaco watering holes might seem unusually unsavory for people in a perfectly legal bar. Well, it’s five o clock in the morning, you degenerate. Take a look in the mirror. And maintain. There are people there who are friendly who are not your friend, my friend.

When the Game is On

Los Amigos

Well run sports bar. Many screens. Good food. Great service. Always a few local expats in here, packed during major events, weekends.

jaco nightlife at los amigos

Los Amigos. That’s OUR MVP in the Middle. Shirley Peraza! Shirley works for us now. Ha Ha!


Orange Pub

Pool Tables and a real industry night with actual local people who serve you the other 6 nights a week drinking while their places are closed. Soon to feature installation art by local artist & custom printer Mike James. He took many of the photos on this page and our Jaco weather page. Good on the weekends too.

Jaco Nightlife on Halloween dressed as Super Mario

No, that’s not weird. That’s just Halloween. Or maybe Tuesday.


Black Marlin

Has a monopoly on this night.

party goers enjoy Backyard Nighlife

Wednesday – Backyard is actually in Hermosa 10 minutes from Jaco.


Jaco Blu or Backyard in Hermosa

Jaco Blu pool bar near the beach has a Miami style atmosphere – you know – the beds with the breezy drapes and beach chairs around a pool. Strong crowd on Wednesdays. If you like hanging out with good looking half nekkid people this could be for you. Some of the friendly people there might be “on the job.” See below under “unrelated note.”

Jaco Nightlife at Blu - line of women with revealing clothing making duck faces

Jaco Nightlife at Blu

Backyard is famous old school since forever way back always always always the place to go on Wednesdays. Hermosa is not so far. Surf bar on the beach, hosts contests. Nobody out there “on the job.”



The longest running local restaurant is still going strong and recently added a weekly party that goes til 2:30. DJs, sometimes live music, good food, locals from old school to young come to rally at veteran pro surfer’s Caliche’s spot for good times and healthy grinds.


Tsunami – Los Amigos – Orange Pub – Bier House Bar Jump

Tsunami has good drink specials early and great fusion sushi, so its an ideal place to start: Sake Bombs! Los Amigos is a big sports bar (above) and Orange Bar is a more local oriented bar with a pool table. Bier House is a tiny brew pub with craft in kegs and bottles, import and domestic, and live music. Amigos might go as late as 2:30


Man Cave

Women at Man Cave Jaco Nightlife

Man Cave Ladies Night

It’s ladies night at this club styled like a gentleman’s lounge. Everybody up in the club. Same owner as Le Loft. Closes at 12:30


Jungle Jam

Jungle Jam 2017 Jaco Nightlife Crowd From OnStage

Jungle Jam 2017 Crowd From OnStage

The nightlife highlight of the year, a 3 day music festival with major international headliners. DoceLunas hosted Jungle Jam I through VI on our big property. Audiences of up to 2,000 fit in the spacious grounds of the 20 room hotel, but when it became clear the attendance would be well over 2,000 people for 2017, Jungle Jam decided to move to a larger field area a couple miles away. DoceLunas helped produce and promote the 2017 show, which was has a huge success. Slightly Stoopid and Thievery Corporation returned to Costa Rica to a stoked audience and debuting Stick Figure blew everyone away. Fourteen more acts.. more info to follow on a separate page.

Le Loft

Jaco Nightlife at Nightclub Le Loft. Velvet Rope. No Kidding.

Tico Time

El Recrero

In the alley across from mas por menos. The polar opposite of Le Loft, pictures above. Old school bar. Mostly Nicaraguans. Hay que hablar pachuco Nica. But if you don’t know what that means, “sssinco sssverveeesaass por favor” will get the job done. Salud! That’s how you say cheers. “Saloood!” That and a smile and you’re all set for a good time at Recrero. Caution: You might encounter a belligerent drunk here. Pay no attention to the man in the mirror, son. Oh, now you have been clowned!

Halloween in Jaco

Jaco Halloween

Jaco Halloween

Halloween is big in Jaco. You should come. Go anywhere and everywhere. If DoceLunas has live music, definitely go for that, then make the rounds. Everyone will be in costume. Apparently, there is not a lot of fabric available. Certain groups of resourceful women will share what most people would consider enough fabric for one outfit to make costumes for three.

Free Drinks!

Everybody likes those. We know the owners of all these places, and we are gonna see if anyone is interested in offering our ever-so-exculsive pinky-in-the-air type extremely desirable customers some free booze. We’ll keep you posted on that. If not, there is always Boruca Bar at DoceLunas. Book with us directly and you get $20 in nightly bar credit.

Up next: Some Boring General Discussion & Wildly Outdate Information. Think of you will as a history of Jaco Nightlife. You might rather read about our luxurious rooms, designed especially for sleeping off hangovers after room service brunch and our waterfall cave for hiding from the sun until you can focus your eyes again. There are also a gazillion things to do in Jaco in the daytime. If you are planning to come here and enjoy the nightlife in Jaco, you might also want to read up on the weather in Jaco.

General Jaco Nightlife Discussion of the Blah Blah What is This: Wikipedia? Variety

Hey – psst. There’s more good stuff below, so if this makes you yawn, skip ahead.

The permanent population of Jaco is only around 10,000 people, but on weekend nights in the high season, thousands of visitors from San Jose and tourists from around the world, about half from the U.S. and Canda and the rest primarily from Europe and South America, pack the crowded discos passing in a slow parade from one popular spot to the next. Dotting the route among the crowded discos travelers will encounter a variety of more traditional options, under-promoted bars with local regulars and pleasant ambience, and wierd, wierd scenes.

The Clubs – Discos

The most popular nightlife spots are all discos with large dance floors and powerful sound systems. Reggaeton, dance-hall reggae, electronica, hip-hop, and club music are popular. The Monkey Bar is one of the first places to get going, but people will start to drift in at 11 and it will not reach full force until 12. Monkey’s, as it is locally know, will keep rocking til around 3 and then close. It’s a big open space with a central bar, rapid service, intelligent lights, and the requisted huge sound sysytem, but not turned up to deafening volume. The staff dances on the bar at Monkey bar in between filling drink orders at a North American pace and the very high perecentage of the crowd that the DJs keep in motion earned this hotspot some serious in depth coverage on that bastion of nightlife journalism – Wild on E!

Brief 2017 Update – Well.. Monkey Bar changed hands, got a nice renovation, and is now for sale. We can get you an incredible deal on this turn key 5,000 square foot Jaco nightlife business. The unspeakably low price includes all permits and some inventory.  Contact info@docelunas.com to request details.

Did Any of These Jaco Nightlife Spots from 2012 Survive?

Find out in the forthcoming update! Consider this, if you will, a history of Jaco nightlife. Ok, no suspense: Tsumani is thriving, blowing up with locations all around the country. Recrero is still Recrero-reating along. Amigos are going strong. Bruja, Vibes, Bohio bit the best. Rincon moved. Aint the same. Backyard still rockin on Wednesday, still not actually in Jaco.

So here’s how it used to be, back in 2012 or so.

After Monkey Bar, the next step on the journey is Vibrations, aka Vibraciones, sometimes know by its old name, Nacho Daddy’s. Vibes has two rooms. A year ago, the electronica room was the smaller of the two and the dancehall/reggaeton/hip-hop room was the larger. Now the electronica room is the larger. Vibes recently got some new intelligent lights. Its sound system has always been powerful but lately it seems to have gotten a little cleaner. It remains very loud. Fortunately, there is a nice outdoor patio area with a high roof where you can relax and talk when you are overwhelmed.

Vibes goes as late as Vibes goes, but you would have to have some serious leadership ability to keep Vibes open til dawn, so if you are up for an all-nighter, then Pancho Villas would be your spot. Now Pancho’s is not for everyone. The notorious “La Central” disco of yesteryear, closed in 2007, was famously dangerous. Pacho Villas is not, from the point of view of someone who lived in Washington D.C. through the 90s, dangerous. But it’s not Kansas either. And no place in Kansas where people are still drinking at dawn is all that safe either, for that matter. So if you are going to Pancho Villas, go with a friend, be polite, and have your wits about you.

Ganesha is on the beach and cultivates a South Beach atmosphere [update – cultivates more of a closed forever atmosphere these days], with raised bed like platforms with canopys and lots of open space on the beach. The crowd is unpredictable. It could be empty, or they could have a successful promotion. If there is a crowd there, it is often because they are offering special entertainment. If Ganesha is empty, Bohio – a catch-all beach bar is only a few yards away and offers another option that can be a very mixed bag of delightful, weird, or possibly mildly unpleasant in a way that would make a good story.

Other Options

Los Amigos sports bar has pretty good food, excellent micro-brews from Costa Rica, and the only Costa Rica microbrews available in Jaco, and lots of screens for several channels of live sports. They also show big games and surf movies on the side of an adjacent building. Seating is half indoor and half outdoor.

Bruja Bar, the witch bar, is a heavy metal themed bar with a palm roof at the beach, decorated with gothic ironwork, skulls, and gravestones. Can I just say again, that this is a heavy metal bar at the beach with goth decorations under a palm roof? Clearly you must go there and bang your head. You will not find yourselves among legions of the devout, as at a Motorhead show, but you will meet some interestign metalheads from around the world, starting with the European biker owners.

Bohio bar is on the beach in the center of town. They have recently incorporated Bubba’s Fish Tacos into their kitchen operation and Bubba’s has maintained their quality through the move. In the daytime Bohio gets all kind of tourist business. In the past, it was more prouncedly a hookup spot for sex-workers and their clients, but these days central Jaco is a little more family friendly in the daytime. At night, Bohio is not crowded and has an unpredictable mix of customers. Could be fascinating, could be creepy.

Le Loft

Le Loft is a smaller place with very cool ambiance, an open balcony and a velvet rope. No kidding. And $100 bottle service. People dress to impress and stand in line. Cheaper drinks are within reason, and beer is positively affordable. Le Loft is a better experience if you go with someone with local connections. Say for interest one of your hosts at DoceLunas.

While the discos, Le Loft, Bruja and Bohio have a mix of foreign and local party goers, other bars in the area tend to cater mostly to locals or mostly to foreigners.

Tico Bars

The following bars draw mostly Costa Rican customers. Jungle Bar provides an option nearby Monkey Bar that is less loud, less crowded, less dance oriented, and less frequented by tourists and keeps similar hours. Jungle bar has pool tables. Plankton, like Jungle, has loud music but not as loud as the discos and caters to a mostly Costa Rican crowd. Prices are slightly lower than the discos.

Next door to Pachi’s Pan, El Recrero is a Costa Rican pool hall that is mostly outdoor and 20% to 30% cheaper than the discos. Down the street from the Mas por Menos grocery store you will find Rincon del Mar. You will be the only gringo here, unless you see me or Don Roberto.

Tsunami Friday

On Friday night Tsunami sushi has locals night, featuring a keg of beer (almost unheard of in Costa Rica) and very low prices at this upscale sushi restaurant.

Back Yard Wednesday

Hermosa’s Backyard hotel hosts a party every Wednesday that is very popular with the local Costa Ricans and expatriates alike, especially surfers. Ladies night officially kicks off at 10, gets going at 11 and lasts til 1 or 2.

Wherever you choose to spend your evening, we are sure you will be glad you are staying at Jaco hotel DoceLunas when you come to the end of your evening, and doubly glad in the morning (or afternoon) when you wake up on our cool shady jungle property after your Jaco nightlife adventure.


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