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We take you where you need to go!

Daily tours and transportation from and to Santa Teresa and Montezuma, Nicoya Peninsula and elsewhere in Costa Rica

Tortuga Tour Video!

Check out our video on YouTube featuring aerial videography of stunning Isla Tortuga — and much more!

FAST Water Taxi

The Water Taxi service is the fastest way to go between Jacó and Montezuma plus shuttle connections – and it’s a really fun trip!

Transfers and Shuttles

We offer Private Van Services, Shared Shuttle Services and Taxi Services from/to anywhere in Costa Rica plus shuttle connections.

Sport Fishing

Profesional Sport Fishing trips from Mal Pais, Santa Teresa, Tambor and Montezuma, Costa Rica – Inshore or offshore.

Activities & Services

Taxi Boat Services

Cross the Nicoya Gulf, save time and enjoy the beautiful picturesque way from Montezuma to Jaco by Boat …

Tortuga Island Tours

Beautiful Coast Line Tour to a breathtaking Tropical Island. Snorkeling, Scuba Diving, marine wild life & more …

Private Boat Tours

Unique Tour for your group, tailored to your preferences on the amazing Just For Fun Catamaran Boat! …

Scuba Diving

Costa Rica is fast becoming one of the best locations for a scuba diver anywhere in the world …

Sport Fishing

We offer different fishing trips for every type of fisherman! Deep sea and inshore fishing available! …

Transfers and Shuttles

We offer a variety of options for traveling between destinations in Costa Rica …

Mal Pais & Santa Teresa Canopy Tour

Best option for adventure in the area. Ideal for all ages, ocean view, 8 cables (one of 500m), a Suspension bridge, a tarzan swing and many more. …

Waterfall Canopy Tour

Famous Zip Lining over the Montezuma waterfalls, 9 cables that are suspended high above the forest floor …

ATV Tours & Rentals

The Best way to explore the Nicoya Peninsula and its hidden places and natural wonders is on a ATV ride! …

Naturalist Guided Tours

Take a guided nature hike through Curu Wildlife Refuge, a great combination of a private farm with a natural reserve …

Surf Lessons

Learn to surf with experienced local instructors on the beaches of Montezuma and Cabuya …

Horseback Riding Tours

Horseback Riding Tours north from Santa Teresa at Hacienda Ario …


Snorkeling trip to Isla Tortuga

This was such a great experience. The staff was absolutely incredible; we had such a great time. We took a boat from Montezuma to Isla Tortuga for snorkeling. We stopped along the way to check out some dolphins and see the beautiful scenery along the way. Lunch was delicious, and the cervezas hit the spot! The guys on the boat were a lot of fun and made the trip very enjoyable. I would recommend Zuma Tours for the Isla Tortuga snorkel trip, it was great!!!



Great time!

Tortuga Tour was awesome! … When we got to the island there was a very tasty lunch already waiting for us. … The tour was 9-4, a full day and worth every penny.

The car rental went extremely easy. He even gave us some recommendations on where to explore and remembered us from our last trip.

We did the water taxi/shuttle to San Jose. Super fast, super easy. A great option if you are short on time. …

All and all every single person we came into contact with at this company was friendly and helpful. Thank you to every one there!



Great service, fantastic tours

We used Zuma tours water taxi service to and from Montezuma Costa Rica and booked a snorkeling tour to Isla Tortuga ( from Montezuma). All around their service was first class. They were on time, the staff was helpful and friendly. It was obvious safety was a top priority. The full day snorkeling trip to Isla Tortuga included 1 1/2 hrs of snorkeling and a tasty bbque lunch. The tour was one of the highlights of my visit to Costa Rica.



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