Costa Rica Bars and Restaurants

Costa Rica Bar BARS AND DINING ESTABLISHMENTS IN COSTA RICA The drinking age in Costa Rica is 18 years old, and it has become a location for Spring Breakers so keep in mind 3 things, 1) everybody on holiday likes to get drunk the opening night they arrive. 2) Costa Ricans love to drink 3) however they don’t like drunks. Always keep in mind, to appreciate the nation and tip the waitress

Many of the recognized city bars serve a great variety of beers and mixed drinks. However, regional beverages are by far the most popular and the least expensive.

There are truly just two brands of local beer. The most popular, Imperial and Pilsen, are both rather good and have that non-filtered (Mexican) taste to them. Imperial is nationwide beer and is quickly differentiated by the black eagle on the label. Bavaria is Costa Rica’s variation of a darker, complete bodied, beer. Imported beers are readily available in the more upscale bars, however don’t expect to find any in some thatch roofing system isolated establishment. Imperial and Bavaria cost anywhere from $0.60 USD to $5.00 USD in the high end bars; and a pocket-drainer in any tourist-trap hotel.

If you are a nouveau riche wine drinker go to France, since it is not served in every bar or dining establishment in Costa Rica. But all is not lost, Costa Rica does have some great wines that would provide the thumbs approximately any red wine taster. Good wines are offered in specialty shops and you can get them at a number of the much better hotels. The most popular Costa Rica rum is Ron Centenario however this is on the expensive side, considering that it is Costa Rica’s premier rum.


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