NSW’s $100 Dining and Home Entertainment Coupons Will Be Rolled Out

The previous year hasn’t been simple for New South Wales’ hospitality and home entertainment services. Short-lived closures, pivoting to takeaway and shipment, stocking popular grocery items, imposing social distancing, running at restricted capability, using QR codes— these have all been on the cards to help stem the spread of COVID-19, and they’ve all had a large effect. So, as part of the State Budget for 2020– 21, the NSW federal government announced a new scheme to help both sectors. Originally called ‘Out and About’ and now named ‘Dine and Discover’, the program is created to encourage folks to go out of your home, eat, and see a movie or show. And, to do so on multiple occasions.

At first, the state government had actually set a launch timeframe of January 2021 for the $500 million scheme, following a pilot duration. After Sydney’s recent coronavirus clusters and the northern beaches lockdown, that timeline has now been upgraded– with the testing stage happening in February and vouchers beginning to be presented across the state from March.

The Rocks will lead the charge in the trial duration, as will Broken Hill in the state’s west, with both pilots beginning in early February. Clients will be welcomed to take part, while businesses can register to participate. Then, the screening will be presented to the Sydney CBD, northern beaches area and Bega Valley from late February, ahead of the coupons going statewide the next month.

Precise dates haven’t yet been given however, when Dine and Discover enters into result, every NSW local over the age of 18 will be qualified to receive $100 in vouchers. You’ll score four $25 coupons, in fact, with two readily available to use at restaurants, coffee shops, clubs and other food locations, and the other two specifically for cultural institutions, carrying out arts, cinemas and theme park.

There are a couple of cautions, understandably. You won’t be able to utilize your coupons on tobacco, alcohol or betting, for beginners. And, you can only use each voucher when, including if your deal amounts to less than $25. You’ll likewise need to utilize your coupons independently, due to the fact that the concept is to get NSW folks going out a number of times to a number of different locations.

Cassandra Hannagan To access the coupons, you’ll also require a MyServiceNSW account– and the corresponding app, so you can use the coupons digitally. You’ll only have the ability to redeem them at participating and COVID-safe registered companies, however, with the exact details about where you can use them set to be exposed before the scheme goes live.

Hospitality business Sydney Collective has already revealed that it’ll double the value of the vouchers at 8 of its NSW locations when they enter into impact– so it’ll give you an additional $25 on top of each $25 voucher.

Clearly, the state’s social distancing requirements and other COVID-19 hygiene practises will still apply to anybody venturing out of their house for something to eat, a night at the flicks or some time mashing buttons.

And if all of it sounds a bit familiar, that’s due to the fact that the UK implemented something similar earlier in 2020, offering up half-price meals to motivate folks to eat out– although it has been recommended that the British scheme might’ve added to a rise in coronavirus cases.

The NSW Government’s Dine and Discover scheme will start its trial stage in February, prior to a statewide rollout from March. For more information, visit the government’s site.

Leading image: Cassandra Hannagan

Published on January 21, 2021 by Sarah Ward


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