Best Time To Surf in Costa Rica

The best time of the year To pick the very best time of the year to come to Costa Rica, you should seek advice from the regional stations listed below, in addition to considering other factors, such as weather condition and crowds.

The stations

Costa Rica does not truly understand the four seasons. Throughout the summer months (mid-December to April, Costa Rica is called summer season), temperatures are exceptionally high and the likelihood of rain is extremely unlikely. However, the crowd during these months can become rather ferocious, especially at Christmas, New Year and Easter. It is high season in Costa Rica and, for that reason, hotel and cars and truck rental prices will be greater throughout this time of the year than the remainder of the year. The best surf from December to April can be discovered anywhere in the North Peninsula (Nicoya) or the Caribbean.

Rainy season

The rainy season begins technically in Might and lasts till the end of November. Nevertheless, during the months of May, June, July, and August, temperature levels remain high and heavy rains have not yet fallen. The common climate at this time is a bright sky with late rains or morning. The real rains actually begin in September and last up until completion of November. The most significant benefit of traveling during these months are the lowest rates (it’s the low season) and a lot less individuals.

Surf suggestions

Costa Rica is not famous for its huge waves, however rather for its waves at any time of the year. Many individuals believe that the best way to surf in Costa Rica is to try browsing. This, with very few exceptions, is the very best method to spend a great deal of unneeded time in your automobile and lose the waves. The browse locations of Costa Rica are made by Costa Rica, which is really simple to use.

Ribs: when and where

The North Pacific coast is the most constant location from December to April. Throughout this season, the overseas winds combine perfectly with the perfect wave instructions such as Witches Rock, Playa Negra and Playa Grande. The coasts of the central and southern Pacific are the best in between the Caribbean coast and the Caribbean. These are undoubtedly generalizations that are by no methods ensured. Nevertheless, using these characterizations is the very best method to prepare your holiday.

Idea: browse more, drive less

The most reliable way to enjoy browsing in Costa Rica is to choose one or two cities that will act as a base of operations. As many breaks remain in its base of operations and are less than 10 minutes.

How Safe is Costa Rica?

On Land

Among the factors that Costa Rica continues to grow as one of the world’s top browse locations is because it is one of the few locations where tourists can feel safe checking out almost any part of the country.

Costa Rica is happy to boast an incredibly low rate of violence and most criminal offenses reported are petty theft. Speaking of theft … theft in hotels is not truly a problem in Costa Rica. Most issues develop when positive surfers get up for a dawn patrol and take their rental vehicle to the peak … and choose that their Rolex, digital cam and wallet/passport will be safe on the dashboard! Even if you are on trip, does not imply that you can leave your intelligence in your home!

In The Water

Regarding water security, the only real warning that we will offer you is to be on the lookout for crocs as many of the breaks here are rivermouths and for that reason, heavy rains can draw out a few more heads in the lineup. Most of the breaks in Costa Rica are beach bottom, with the exception of Salsa Brava, therefore, you do not need to fret excessive about late drop ins.


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