Ask an Expat: Residing In Costa Rica

What is it like to move to Costa Rica? To begin a brand-new life in a foreign nation? In this Ask an Expat series I interview individuals living all over the world however outside of their house nation. Hopefully this will motivate you but will likewise paint a truthful image of the ups and downs of life abroad. Whether for a few months or for the rest of your life, living abroad is a special and in some cases difficult experience.

Residing In Costa Rica

moving to Costa Rica and living in Costa Rica

Location: Jaco, Costa Rica Call: Jason Mueller Age: 32 House Town: Williams Lake, Canada His story:

Jason grew up in a village in Canada. “You could call me a nation boy for sure. I was always fascinated with travel from when I was a little kid going on holidays to locations like Lake Louis and Disneyland with my family.

When I remained in high school I took a trip with my girlfriend at the time to Costa Rica due to the fact that her uncle owned a hotel. We had an excellent journey that I will always remember and that is when I initially fell for Costa Rica.

After that, I was hooked on taking a trip and did many backpacking trips to places like Fiji, New Zealand, Australia, Thailand, and Hawaii along with some other getaways.

I had actually opened a limousine business in Vancouver in 2009 due to the fact that I had actually constantly wanted to have my own service but the city life was not for me. After returning to my home town for a while I chose it was time for an extreme change so I decided I was transferring to Costa Rica.”

Why Did You Relocate To Costa Rica?

“A friend of mine was planning on making the transfer to Jaco in Costa Rica and he discussed that we need to move together and open a cable television wakeboarding park because I was thinking to start a similar service in Canada on my own.

We took a few vacations together to scope out the country and both of us actually liked it and pictured living in Costa Rica would be a life living in paradise.

A shared friend had discussed that Jaco would probably be the very best location for the park because it has a high concentration of travelers from around the globe and it is just 1.5 hours far from Costa Rica’s capital, San Jose. We ended up having a falling out but I decided to stay and work on other endeavors”

What Do You Like About Residing In Costa Rica?

living in Costa Rica“The weather is for sure a big tourist attraction together with the beaches.

The nature is truly gorgeous with a substantial diversity of plants, animals, and wildlife. I like the fact that you can go up to the mountains and delight in the most moderate temperature levels in the world, then one hour later on you can be sweating at the beach drinking fresh coconut water.

The browsing is outstanding and there are numerous surfing spots to pick from that don’t generally get overcrowded.

Life in Costa Rica is fantastic for expats due to the fact that many people from worldwide have actually moved here (although mainly from the U.S.A. or Canada). And the Costa Ricans are actually friendly for the most part and welcoming.”

What Do You Dislike About Residing In Costa Rica?

“It can be a very discouraging country to get anything done. This becomes progressively challenging when you run a company and need to get specific things done.

The residents are called ticos and they are infamous for not being on time. Us expats residing in Costa Rica call this “tico time” and it can really piss us off.

Originating from Canada which is an extremely hectic culture, if you say you are going to be someplace at a specific time or work done by a specific time you better not be late but in Costa Rica all common courtesy is tossed out the window. I discover that no one respects your time.

Some of the residents aim to make the most of “gringos”: they presume that everybody who comes here is abundant so they can charge additional.

I believe that the spike in tourist over the last twenty years has led to high prices and on top of that the federal government charges too much for importing goods which makes some things expensive.”

Any Tips for Relocating To/ Residing In Costa Rica?

“Patients is a virtue, insect! This is particularly true when thinking of relocating to Costa Rica.

Do not anticipate everything to be the like back home, more than likely you can double or triple any due date.

Include more money than you plan on requiring. There are countless stories of people coming here with big dreams however they then lack money and the dreams disappear into a headache simply to send the individual home with their tail between their legs.

Try to learn Spanish. Although lots of people speak English here it will help a lot to find out the language and you won’t be made the most of so much.”

What Is the Expat Community Like in Costa Rica?

expat life in Costa Rica

“I would say flourishing.

The nation draws in people from all over the world to live here for really great factors. Although the nation lags the times compared to North America the amenities are very soothing for the people that need their high-ends.

Jaco, Playa de Coco, Esterillos, Tamarindo, Manuel Antonio, and San Jose have numerous expats so it is simple to find like-minded people to get in touch with.

Some expats residing in Costa Rica do find it frustrating at times and I have actually been among them however I believe in general the way of life here is amazing for expats.”

Exists Something You Just Need To See or Do When You Are in Costa Rica?

“I constantly advise that individuals go to Manuel Antonio National Park.

It lies about 3 hours from San Jose. The beaches are amazing and you make sure to see monkeys, sloths and much more. The town is situated right on the beach and there are many hotels, dining establishments, and tourist attractions to choose from.”

About Costa Rica

life in Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a little country, just 51,100 square kilometers(19,730 square miles). The country has a population of approximately 4.5 million. Tourism is one of the biggest industries in the country along with the exportation of palm oil and coffee.

Since the late 1980s Costa Rica has actually been a popular ecotourism location, and its primary competitive benefit is its reputable system of national forests and secured locations, covering around 23% of the country’s land area, the largest on the planet as a portion of the nation’s area. It has a total of 1,290 kilometers (800 mi) of coastline.

The nation has actually been voted the happiest location in the world for several years by the Delighted World Index.

The most popular stating in Costa Rica is “PURA VIDA” which equates to pure life, that basically describes everything. Pura Vida!

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