Welcome to the central Pacific coast of Costa Rica, a land rich in opportunity, adventure and natural beauty! Specializing in luxury Playa Hermosa property and residences, Jaco Beach condos and Manuel Antonio real estate investment options, we invite you to tour our list of Costa Rica properties prepared for both savvy investors and first-time buyers. It is amazing how a country so small can offer real estate investors so much!

Costa Rica real estate is popular amongst local and international investors for many reasons. However, we strongly recommend that you personally visit our Jaco Beach properties, go surfing in Playa Hermosa and see our beautiful Jaco Beach condos to truly understand why our beach real estate is so popular.

Costa Rica is approximately 20,000 square miles. Roughly 26% of that land is made up of wildlife refuges and national parks. This means that for a country that is closely equal to the size of the state of West Virginia, the breathtaking land of Costa Rica houses roughly 6% of the world’s biodiversity! Costa Rica has coasts on both the Atlantic and Pacific Ocean, plenty of cascading waterfalls, exotic jungles, wild volcanoes, alluring lagoons and extraordinary islands. This beautiful country attracts international travelers who are in search of wonder and adventure. If you’ve always dreamed of living in beautiful Costa Rica, surfing in Playa Hermosa or owning a Manuel Antonio condo, look no further.

Our Playa Hermosa properties are affordable and luxurious. Our Jaco Beach property is both reasonably-priced and decadent. The local citizens are called Ticos and are extremely friendly and highly-educated. The literacy rate in Costa Rica is over 90% and our local people greet Hermosa and Quepos real estate investors warmly. There are two major airports that service flights from all over the world. This has contributed to an increase in the purchasing of Jaco Beach, Manuel Antonio and Playa Hermosa property. Costa Rica has experienced double-digit growth in travelers during the past decade. We’re proud to say that many of our real estate investors return on a regular basis. Costa Rica is also a sovereign nation with no military. It has maintained a stable and peaceful government for over 25 years. This is why it is a safe and increasingly popular place to do business. Costa Rica is a country filled with endless opportunities, making it one of the hottest real estate markets in the world.

Combine this with more than seven years of Costa Rican real estate experience, and the professional Costa Rica realtors at Jaco Realty, are qualified Hermosa, Quepos and Manuel Antonio agents who possess the local knowledge you need to help you find that perfect custom Costa Rica beach home, condo, real estate or investment property. Costa Rica realtors have also partnered up with local law firms that can handle any legal issues or questions that you may have. We want to ensure that your investment becomes a reality.

Jaco Realty offers you a complete turnkey real estate investment package. Contact us to speak with one of our Manuel Antonio agents to learn more about Costa Rica real estate and the bountiful opportunities of real estate investing in the beautiful country of Costa Rica!


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