Jaco’s dark chocolate sands, lively browse and sunlight fill the days, however it’s the bars, restaurants and clubs that keep the candle light burning long after the sunset. A weekend escape to Jaco is the vision of every 9 to 5er in San Jose and a most likely first stop for any traveler checking out Costa Rica’s Pacific shoreline.

Only an hour and a half outside San Jose, Jaco’s well-known 2 mile-stretch of browse and sand brings in internet users and sunbathers alike. For those thinking about riding the waves, Jaco offers a range of beach breaks: the south-end deals simple, spilling waves perfect for novices while the north-end offers quickly and hollow waves for riders looking for something a little bit more challenging.

Besides the surf, Jaco satiates the thirst for adventure with canopy, ATV, horseback riding, sport fishing, diving and kayaking trips. It’s also the very best jumping off point for expeditions to Carara National forest (popular for its flocks of scarlet macaws) and the Tarcoles River (filled with more than 2,000 crocodiles).

Jaco’s imaginative restaurants, cheap beverages and nighttime events make it a must-see destination for foodies and partiers aiming to indulge their taste buds with tasty creations from skilled chefs on Jaco’s primary streets or at the Los Suenos marina. For bars, stroll down the Jaco’s main strip in the evening to see the illuminations of casual surfer bars, trendy techno-blaring tapas dining establishments, bars, clubs and gambling establishments where there’s a celebration every night of the week; just follow the specials.

The Jaco area is actually made from the main town of Jaco and the satellite beaches: Herradura, Hermosa, Esterillos and Bejuco. Herradura Beach is a huge draw for the weekend crowd from San Jose. Hermosa Beach attracts internet users from worldwide to ride the barreling waves of its beach and point breaks while Playa Esterillos and Bejuco provide a mix of seclusion, relaxation and surfing.

Comfy lodging is plentiful in Jaco from $200 luxury hotels to $10 casitas by the beach. Most of the hotels in the city are within a block of Jaco’s main street and only a block from the beach.


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