Fishing Vacation in Costa Rica, Jaco Beach, Los Sueños, Quepos

Fishing Vacation in Costa Rica, Jaco Beach, Los Suenos & Quepos Sport Fishing Experts

Fishing Packages or may maybe one of Our half-day of sport fishing adventure is a short 6:00, 11 km from the beach in your pickup were you can do a bit of trawling and bottom fishing and ensure a clean and sport fishing and fish do hurt, simply return them to swim in the blue ocean of Costa Rica.

You can take the famous rooster usually found near the coast throughout the year, regardless of the water temperature is between 33 bantamweight and high quality professionals in the art sport fishing often seek. opens the way to practice both fishing excursions on land and sea. We always ensure good fishing experiences that we are a very prestigious company that offers unique experiences of customer service for commercial and recreational fishermen .

It is important for us to promise excellent fishing adventures to our customers by offering high quality boats. As your happiness is our main concern, our work has a very affordable price.


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