Costa Rica Crocodile Man Tours

Costa Rica Crocodile Man Tours, JacO Beach Croc Tours

This Tour cost $50. Perperson Transportation included.

One of the coolest things to do in Costa Rica is the Crocodile Tour. Experienced guides hand feed GIANT crocodiles some in the 20 foot range.

They look like dinosaurs in the photos. About 30 minutes north of Jaco is one of the best Crocodile Tours in the country. The Crocodile Man Tours in Tarcoles is one of the best Croc operations in Costa Rica.

Every person that does the Croc Tour comes back with great stories and great photos and it is 100% safe.

Then journey begins right at “Grande de tarcoles” river, one of then most populated Crocodile Rivers in the world. In this journey you would see the Guacalillo mangrove swamp, which is a shelter of more than 50 species of birds and a great variety of animals like red limpets, tiger herons, tiger-faced crabs, monkeys, pink spoonbills and many more.

The journey takes about 2 hours which guarantees the client to end up simply astonished of an adventure impossible to forget. .

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