COSTA RICA PT.1: Our AirBnB + Eating Like a Local

Costa Rica is an amazing place full of lush greenery, friendly faces, and delicious food! The first question I often got when I told people about this family vacation was, “Is it safe?” Although Costa Rica is one of the safest places in Central America, it’s always wise to use caution and heed the advice of others who’ve travelled there before. 🙂 #PuraVida

Check out my brother’s vlog using his Drone and GoPro:

– Costa Rica has their own currency (CRC) however every single place we went to accepted USD.
– Get $35 USD / $45 CAD off your first AirBnB stay with my link:
– August / September was apparently low season so our flights were only $490 CAD Roundtrip from Vancouver, BC!

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