Jaco Pastorius & Brian Melvin

Woo – patron Duncan trying to take my fingers off this Friday. This one is actually one of the last recordings Jaco ever made, recorded in late 1986. He was socially deteriorating fast at this point, but man could he still play the damn bass. This track is super interesting because he managed to give us a kind of distilled summary of his legacy, favourite riffs, and chops, all in one tune.

Gone are the glory days of Weather Report, gone is his classic fretless (this bass sounds fretted – probably supplied for him for this session), but there’s so much here that just takes us back… Jaco was struggling for his life at the point that this would have been recorded, but he clearly was -not- struggling with the four strings.

Enjoy, all.


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– 2011 Fender Japanese Marcus Miller Jazz bass
– D’Addario nickel medium gauge strings
– Front pickup knob: 30%
– Back pickup knob: 80%
– Treble: Mostly down
– Bass: Slight boost
– Avalon U5 D.I.
– Protools 11 (minor compression + eq)
– Camera: Panasonic Lumix GH5. 12-35mm lens.


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