The Best Newbie Browse Beaches in Costa Rica

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Marc Veraart/ Flickr “/ > The waves are calling|© Marc Veraart/ Flickr Costa Rica has been on the surfer’s map for decades, and the little nation hosts two coasts that are filled with waves. While knowledgeable surfers from around the globe come to Costa Rica to browse well-known breaks like Witch’s Rock, Salsa Brava, and Playa Hermosa, a solid number of first-time internet users flock here to learn the ways of the waves on a lot of the country’s beginner-friendly breaks. All of the following breaks can became too advanced for first-timers or newbie surfers with the right swell, but usually they are completely fit for learning.Playa Tamarindo

is among the most popular beginner-surfer destinations in Costa Rica. This occurring beach town in Guanacaste has several browse areas that all break over a sandy bottom, multiple browse schools and camps, a minimum of a lots browse shops, and plenty of board rentals and private instructors for hire. Tamarindo is the embodiment of a browse town. Most of the time, the waves here are on the smaller and gentler side, which is best for discovering. There are times throughout the year when the perfect swell appears, however, and the waves here can excite the more advanced surfer.Playa Guiones

( Nosara) is another popular location for beginner internet users. What’s fantastic about Playa Guiones is that both newbies and advanced surfers will have the ability to find waves that are perfectly fit to them. The advanced waves break actually far out from the beach, while the more beginner-friendly waves break closer to the coast. The beach is massive, too, that makes it really easy to spread out and have your own area to practice your recently obtained skills. There are several browse schools, browse camps, and browse stores in Playa Guiones that will be able to accommodate all of your surfing needs.

< img src =" 450w, 768w , 1440w”data-src=””/ > Charge it|© dog4aday/Flickr Playa Samara is an excellent beginner surfer area. This gentle beach break is the ideal spot to discover how to surf. There needs to be swell, however, and the tide needs to be high, otherwise Playa Samara is totally flat; it then becomes an incredible location to go paddle boarding. The town of Samara is a cool location to hang out, too. There are a variety of enjoyable little bars, dining establishments, and lots of accommodation alternatives. There are also a couple of surf stores on Playa Samara where you can rent boards and register for lessons.

There’s nothing like your first wave|© Craig Bonsignore/Flickr Playa Espadilla is the primary beach in Manuel Antonio and an excellent beach for new internet users to learn and practice how to browse. The south end of the beach throughout and around high tide produces small and beginner-friendly waves. The waves at the north end of the beach can get bigger when there is enough swell in the water. This is a popular beach for both internet users and beachgoers. There are a number of surf shops in Manuel Antonio where you can lease boards, sign up for lessons, and pick up any beach and surf basics you need.

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Surf’s up!|© Bernal Saborio/Flickr Playa Jaco at or around low tide is ideal for novice web surfers. When the tide is greater, the waves tend to be larger. Jaco is another popular browse town and is located in the Central Pacific part of the country. There is no scarcity of board rentals and lesson chances in Playa Jaco, and there are several surf camps that run programs in this location for all levels. Playa Jaco is likewise well known for its occurring nightlife. If you are looking to celebration and browse, this may be the ideal area for you.

Practice makes perfect|© dog4aday/Flickr Playa

Los Cedros is found on the southern side of Montezuma. This definitely sensational beach is made for picnicking, sunbathing, long walks, horseback riding, and browsing. While there are a couple of rocks, they are extremely visible and easily preventable. This spot has a left point break that only operates at high tide. The waves correspond here and break rather efficiently. The consistency and gentleness of this point break are ideal for new web surfers to practice their browsing skills. There are several surf camp choices in Montezuma, too.

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Punta Uva is a 15-minute drive from the center of Puerto Viejo on the Caribbean coast. This is one of the very best surf areas for beginners on the Caribbean side. The other areas tend to be more matched for intermediate and sophisticated internet users. Punta Uva is breathtakingly stunning and the water is clear. Punta Uva is a pretty consistent ideal point break.

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