Jaco Beach Fishing Charters

Jaco Beach Fishing Adventures

Costa Rica is certainly a fishing paradise that we can appreciate and enjoy the experience. We provide a number of offshore fishing boats, which vary in size and features. Delight in the effort and knowledge of each captain and mate in our fleet!Location: Herradura

Bay Launched Duration of the visit: Half and complete day Take time:7:00– Arrival time:
24:00/ Have a look at: 24:30– Return Time:
16:00 Captan: Bilingual captain first class and the 2nd, rods and reels, lures(on request), lures and teasers, beer, mineral water, soft drinks, fresh fruit, sandwiches and lunch box or insurance coverage What to bring: Sunscreen, hat, sunglasses and camera. If you get dizzy, you should take a drug or natural solution woozy last night and again on the early morning of day.Rates: Ask us Costa Rica Fishing Kings!.?.!https://costaricafishingkings.com!.?.!info@costaricafishingkings.com!.?.!Phone:+18665226347!.?.!width=”900″height=

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