[4K] Walking tour of downtown Jaco Beach, CR, Jan, 2020

Starting on the Jaco Open Air Shopping Center, walking on Jaco downtown on a beautiful Sunday morning. The new open-air shopping area has lots of shops and restaurants. In addition to the local food, you can taste Mediterranean, Indian, Italian, Peruvian and all kinds of other food. From Jaco Walk, you can walk along the main street of Jaco for other shopping and dining opportunities. The entire main street and several streets that run west toward the beach have lots of dining options too. A lot of places that offer massage services. Several cafes and bakeries as well as bars. And needless to say, several places to buy souvenirs to take home with you although the prices were more than if you were to shop in gift shops elsewhere on the way from San Jose to Jaco. There is even a Harley Davidson store and also surprisingly a Radio Shack store which are rare in the U.S. lol. I met some friendly folks while walking and had some interesting conversations. I stayed along the beach by Playa Hermosa away from the Jaco Beach. Only about 4 minutes via Uber to the Jaco Beach.


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