Entry Requirements

Entry Requirements COVID-19

Entry to Costa Rica is authorized for all countries in the world by air and sea. Land borders stay closed.You can go into the

country on commercial or personal international flights that land at Juan Santamaría and Daniel Oduber Quirós airports.In the case of entering the country by sea,

you can get in the country on private yachts and sailboats just through Golfito, Los Sueños, Pez Vela, Banana Bay and Papagayo shores.The traveler need to meet visa requirements and requirements established in the framework of the pandemic.The Government of the Republic does not request coronavirus screening tests nor does it release sanitary

confinement orders as requirements to go into the nation by air.Those people who enter the country by sea and who have not made a stopover elsewhere, should not go through seclusion if they have actually been cruising for more than 14 days.Tourists visiting Costa Rica are required to observe the hygienic procedures established for carrying out all tourist activities in the country.Country Entry Requirements For information on visas, please

check out the website of the General Directorate of Migration and Foreigners: https://www.migracion.go.cr/Paginas/Visas.aspx!.?.!In the structure of the pandemic, the following requirements were also developed:

Complete the digital form called HEALTH PASS, which is readily available at: https://salud.go.cr!.?.!The Health Pass can only be completed two days before boarding. It should be accessed in updated web browsers or Web Explorer. The form must be completed by everyone, consisting of minors, without exception.Purchase medical insurance Tourists should acquire necessary travel insurance coverage that covers quarantine accommodation and medical costs due to COVID-19

  1. disease.International Policies Relating to the policy, you can pick any international insurer that fulfills the following requirements: Valid during the whole remain in Costa Rica (protection dates ). United States$50,000 for medical expenses, consisting of COVID-19 disease.US$ 2,000 for lodging costs in the event of COVID-19 quarantine.Please ask your insurance company for a certificate/letter in English or Spanish specifying
  2. the following: Call of the person traveling.Validity of

    the effective policy throughout the go to in Costa Rica(travel dates). Assurance of coverage for medical expenditures in the event of COVID-19 in Costa Rica, for a minimum of US$50,000. Minimum coverage of United States $2,000 for accommodation expenditures for quarantine or journey disturbance for this very same amount.This certificate should define

    1. that the policy covers COVID-19 and should be submitted to the
    2. HEALTH PASS in order to be examined and approved by the Costa Rican authorities. Insurance coverage cards are declined, it should be a document.Costa Rican Policies The tourist can also pick any of the following Costa Rican insurance companies, which offer products signed up and licensed by the General Superintendency of Insurance of Costa Rica.INS: https://micrositios.ins-cr.com/seguroviajero/index-en.html Sagicor: https://tiendasagicor.com/en/ BlueCross BlueShield: https://www.bluecrossblueshieldcr.com/rod!.?.!IMPORTANT: For international policies, the minimum coverage was set at US$ 50,000, while for policies sold by
    3. Costa Rican insurance companies, the minimum was set at US $20,000. Foreigners with short-term house, irreversible or short-lived classification

    who return to Costa Rica, and who are not up to date with the corresponding payments with the Costa Rican Social Security Fund, need to get a short-term local insurance coverage for 22 days or an international insurance that complies with the very same requirements that are applied to a foreign tourist.In the

    case of immigrants with the migratory classification of irreversible, short-lived resident, or unique classification, in the latter case, with the exception of Trainee Subcategory, they need to show valid insurance protection by the Costa Rican social

    security , which can be confirmed in the link:

    https://sfa.ccss.sa.cr/servMedicos/validarDerechos.do!.?.!.Costa Rican citizens do not need health insurance.Queries Entry by air-In case of doubt or additional questions about the requirements or conditions of the medical insurance coverage, please write to: seguros@ict.go.cr!.?.!.Entry by sea-In case of doubt or questions about the requirements or conditions of the medical insurance, passengers and crew of yachts or sailboats, please write to: seguros.marinas@ict.go.cr!.?.!.Failure to comply with these requirements makes the passenger’s entry into the nation difficult. Documents on brand-new travel requirements by COVID-19 to the United States< img src=" https://www.visitcostarica.com/pdf/faq-covid-usa.jpg"width ="650"height="automobile"alt="Frequently Asked Question COVID USA"/ > Files on brand-new travel requirements by COVID-19 for International Tourists Welcome to Costa Rica! To visit ourcountry there are some requirements which need to be met.Remember that: A return flight ticket is needed when

    going into Costa Rica. The immigration officer will ask for it upon your arrival. It is advisable to make a copy or take an image of your passport with the entry stampto bring at all times during your stay.Your country of origin identifies the amount of days available to stay in Costa Rica as a tourist.In some cases, the Migration official may request you show financial solvency for your remain in the country.Even with a 90-day traveler visa, the migration official identifies the period of your stay as allowed by your passport.Visitors to Costa Rica must have a valid

    passport as well as proof of their intent to exit the nation prior to their visa or entry stamp ends, typically within 90 days.All non-resident tourists should have a return ticket or a ticket as evidence FAQ COVID USA ESP

    of when they mean to leave the country, commonly described as an outbound exit or onward ticket. An onward ticket is required of non-residents who are: Traveling on a one-way ticket Going into the country with a return ticket dated more than 90 days after arrival Flying into Costa Rica and flying out of another country By law, an onward ticket consists of any of the following on approved, commercial transportation: A pre-purchased bus ticket out of the nation A pre-purchased flight out of the nation Proof of passage on a cruise liner Obligation to State when getting in or leaving Costa Rica: When going into or leaving a port in Costa Rica, if you carry an amount equivalent to or higher than the United States$10,000 or its equivalent in other currencies, cash or securities, you must ask for and finish the kind offered this function at the migration post and present it to the Customs Authority for confirmation; The statement needs to be made prior to settling the corresponding migration treatments. The omission of what is developed by Costa Rican law(No. 8204, short article 35)will lead to the immediate loss of money.What inoculations do I need before getting in Costa Rica?Starting on July 30, 2007, all tourists coming from the following countries must have a yellow

  3. fever vaccination certificate before entry into Costa Rica will be permitted: Angola, Benin, Burkina Faso, Cameroon, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Gabon, Gambia, Guinea, Liberia

    , Nigeria, Sierra Leone, Sudan, Bolivia, Venezuela, Brazil, Peru, Colombia, Ecuador and the Republic of Guyana.For more info click here Source

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