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Aerial Trams - Costa Rica Aerial Trams Much of Costa Rica’s biodiversity exists in the forest canopy. Aerial trams offer incredible insight into life above the… more > ATV Tours - Costa Rica ATV Tours Costa Rica’s sandy beaches, muddy trails, dirt roads and mountain passes are no match for the off-roading power of all-… more > Bungee Jumping - Costa Rica Bungee Jumping For the thrill-seeker, Costa Rica’s got at least two different locations to jump off a ledge and become a human yo-yo. … more > Canoeing & Kayaking - Costa Rica Canoeing & Kayaking Lush mangrove estuaries and miles of coastline are ideal for sea kayaking and canoeing. Leisurely paddle through the … more > Canopy Tours - Costa Rica Canopy Tours A canopy tour is a must on any nature lover’s “to do” list since so much of Costa Rica’s biodiversity exists in the … more > Caribbean surf spots and breaks - Costa Rica Caribbean surf spots and breaks White sand beaches, reef gardens, beach breaks and a few reef breaks so large they’ve earned the name Wild Sauce, that’s… more > Caving Visitors should not be surprised that Costa Rica, one of the most biologically diverse places on the planet, is also … more > Central Pacific dive sites - Costa Rica Central Pacific dive sites Exceptionally diverse undersea realms live just off the coast of the central Pacific where whitetip reef sharks, green … more > Central Pacific surf spots and breaks - Costa Rica Central Pacific surf spots and breaks Ride a half-mile long wave on Boca Barranca, learn the breaks in Jaco or enjoy a tube ride on the hollow beach and point… more > Chocolate Tours - Costa Rica Chocolate Tours Considered a gift from the gods, cacao beans were revered more than the gold chalices that kings drank their chocolate … more > Cocos Island dive sites - Costa Rica Cocos Island dive sites Hammerhead sharks circle the volcanic seamount of Cocos Island by the hundreds. Beside them, divers may cross the path … more > Coffee Tours - Costa Rica Coffee Tours Costa Rican coffee is known for its excellent quality and robust flavor. The Central Valley’s rich volcanic soil and … more > Day Spas Imagine a rejuvenating almond oil body massage followed by a papaya facial polish and a luscious banana hair mask. These… more > Dolphin & Whale Watching - Costa Rica Dolphin & Whale Watching Humpback whale mothers give birth in the pockets of shallow temperate waters off the shores of Costa Rica while orcas … more > Golfing Imagine finishing the perfect round of golf as you watch the sunset casting hues of red and purple in the sky above. … more > Hiking - Costa Rica Hiking Discover the country’s diverse parks and reserves, which highlight Costa Rica’s countless natural wonders. Trek through … more > Horseback Riding - Costa Rica Horseback Riding Gallop down the beach, amble through back country roads, trot through pastures, along ridges and careen through narrow … more > Hot Air Ballooning Have you ever wanted to experience the freedom of flight without the peril of a high-risk adventure sport? A peaceful, … more > Hot Springs - Costa Rica Hot Springs Bubbling cauldrons of natural minerals revitalize your skin to that silky smooth texture and replenish your energy after… more > Mountain Biking - Costa Rica Mountain Biking Miles of trails weave through Costa Rica’s pastures, forests and villages past active volcanoes, around placid lakes, … more > North Pacific dive sites - Costa Rica North Pacific dive sites Swim among whitetip reef sharks, hammerheads, spotted eagle rays, hawksbill sea turtles and octopi around infamous … more > North Pacific surf spots and breaks - Costa Rica North Pacific surf spots and breaks Volcanic, white and gold sands meet the north Pacific creating some of the country’s most powerful surf. Join the ranks … more > Parasailing - Costa Rica Parasailing Experience the sky without the dive. Simply strap in, take a few steps in the sand and lift off 150 to 600 feet into the… more > Snorkeling & Diving - Costa Rica Snorkeling & Diving What tropical getaway is complete without a dip into the great big unknown that lies just below sea level? With two … more > South Caribbean dive sites - Costa Rica South Caribbean dive sites Snorkel and dive among reef gardens flourishing with life. Fire, elkhorn, brain and 32 other species of coral act as … more > South Pacific dive sites - Costa Rica South Pacific dive sites Dive among volcanic seamounts and ravines, 80-foot walls decorated with cup and head coral, sea fans. Damsel, pufferfish… more > South Pacific surf spots and breaks - Costa Rica South Pacific surf spots and breaks Costa Rica’s south Pacific retains a remote and uncharted atmosphere. Out there, in the wilds, among surf towns and … more > Sport Fishing Costa Rica is home to more than 100 world-record catches. The oceans are rife with Pacific sailfish, blue marlin and … more > Stand Up Paddle Surfing - Costa Rica Stand Up Paddle Surfing Somewhere between a canoe and surfboard, Stand Up Paddling (SUP) reigns in relaxation and excitement. Instead of the … more > Surfing - Costa Rica Surfing Few places are more beautiful than sitting on a surf board outside the breaks at sunset waiting for that perfect wave. … more > Turtle Tours Guided turtle tours are a fun and environmentally-sound way to observe these gentle giants as they come ashore to lay … more > Waterfall Rappelling - Costa Rica Waterfall Rappelling Explore pristine gorges and canyons embedded in the Costa Rican rainforest as you hike, down climb, swim, jump, rappel … more > Wellness & Health Retreats In today’s hectic world, a stay at a health retreat can be a life-changing experience. Whether you seek time to relax … more > Whitewater Rafting - Costa Rica Whitewater Rafting Assail Costa Rica’s class II-V rapids in one of the most vibrant and vivacious corners of the planet. Explore the … more > Wildlife Watching - Costa Rica Wildlife Watching The rare, the mystical, the brilliant and the cuddly hide in the foliage of the Costa Rican rainforest. Many nature … more > Windsurfing - Costa Rica Windsurfing Warm waters, mild temperatures and steady winds offer the perfect conditions for windsurfing in Costa Rica. There’s no … more > Yoga With its extraordinary natural beauty, inspiring vistas and wealth of skilled practioners, Costa Rica offers ample … more > a’).click(function(){$(this).next(‘ul’).toggle();});$(‘.header .menu-social span.icon-search’).click(function(){$(‘.header .menu-social .search-wrapper’).toggleClass(‘active’);});});]]> Source

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