Surfing at Jaco Beach Costa Rica

Jaco on the pacific side Costa Rica has a reputation of being a real tourist spot. We loved this beach. The beach was well maintained, it has lifegards in areas the town of Jaco is small enough not to be to bust yet has everything. We rented a condo with ocean views right on the beach. Even came with laundry 2 bedrooms and much needed laundry. even had bogie boards and more importantly a surf board. Fridays there is a farmers market in town. We all took surf lessons and we all got some waves. Price was under $200./night with min. 2 night stay. The weekends more folks came but it was still pretty good.Near by is Playa Hermosa known for big waves and dangerous rip tides For experts only . I liked it that the city came and cleaned up the beach and it diddn’t have the seedy element . Most hotels all have night security. Police seem non existent in Costa Rica. Although Jaco had them


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