$430,000 Condo Overlooking Jaco Beach in Costa Rica

Today I toured a more affordable property than the more recent ones I’ve been filming.

This 2 bedroom apartment is in the Crocs Casino building (yes, you’d have a Casino on your ground floor). It’s $430,000.

It’s on the 9th floor with some incredible views. It would be a great holiday home to use (and when you’re not there, perhaps list on AirBnB).

More details here: https://remax-ocr.com/properties/luxurious-crocs-casino-condo-9th-floor-2-bedroom-piece-of-paradise-jaco-beach-costa-rica/

NOTE: I receive no compensation for doing this video, or if you buy the property. This is not investment advice (please do your own due diligence). I do these real estate videos as part of my ‘Living in Costa Rica’ series to give people an idea of prices.

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