S1 E3: Chicken On A Cobb Portuguese-Style with Jaco

In this episode, Jaco shows us how to fix up Chicken On A Cobb Portuguese-Style.

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Follow Jaco’s recipe for Chicken On A Cobb here:

Chicken On A Cobb


One whole RealGood chicken
One large lemon
One cabbage
One can of condensed milk
Dry ground ginger

Ingredients and quantities are provided as a guideline only. Adjust based on your discretion.


1. Insert the lemon inside the chicken.

2. Place chicken in an upright position, as if sitting, on the cobb.

3. Rub with oil and spice mixture.

4. Add onion leftovers, bay leaves, garlic and ginger peel to coals for smoke and flavour.

5. Cook for 1 hour.

6. For the coleslaw, cut the cabbage very finely.

7. Mix mayo and condensed milk 50/50 and add to the cabbage.

8. Add salt, pepper and dry ground ginger to taste.

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