Requirements to Enter Costa Rica Explained

I made this video because I have been getting a lot of questions about the entry requirements for Costa Rica, and I have seen a fair amount of confusion as well!

So my hope is that this information will help clear things up for those who will be entering Costa Rica and would like to know what is necessary.

PLEASE NOTE, this video was made on January 26th, 2021. If you have stumbled upon this at a later date, then I suggest you double check for any updates on these requirements. Should there be any updates, I will be posting them on the channel as well for you.

These are the things you need to enter into Costa Rica as of January 26th, 2021.


Covid insurance is required for entry into Costa Rica. Here are some options you can look into for insurance that will satisfy entry into Costa Rica.

Some mistakes I am seeing being made via the insurance are:

1. Not knowing the requirements (must cover Covid, $2,000 USD for Lodging, and $50,000 for medical)
2. Getting the wrong type of insurance
3. Not getting insurance for the full duration of the trip

Where to get cover insurance?

– Contact Our Insurance Broker Danilo Villalobos for INS quotes and others at:

– Covid Insurance for coming from the USA:

РCovid Insurance for coming from Canada:Blue CrossAllianz Canada  Tugo 


Costa Rica MUST see a return ticket flight leaving Costa Rica. And you must leave before your 90 day visa is up!

This website can be used if you are not sure when you will leave yet within the 90 days, or if you will be filing for your residency upon your arrival. But remember, if you will remain on your tourist visa and WILL NOT be filing for residency, you DO still need to leave before your 90 day visa is up!!

Some mistakes I am seeing being made for return ticket:

1. Thinking one is not necessary
2. Getting a ticket to show exit but then thinking they do not still need to leave
3. Thinking land border runs are still possible at this time


This is to be filled out within 48 hours of your departure to arrive in Costa Rica. Once finished, you will receive a QR code which will be scanned for entry. You must upload your insurance policy into this online form as well, so make sure to have that handy!

I hope this was helpful and I will continue to post updates should any requirements ever change for Costa Rica!

Pura vida!

If you ARE moving to Costa Rica and you could benefit from expert assistance through ought the entire process, please feel free to go to my website and fill out an application for a free phone call!


Sarah Elena


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