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Jaco Beach, its been a while! Renting a house here many moons ago, just south of Jaco, Costa Rica, in a town known as Playa Esterillos Oeste with some mates from Australia, and a friend from Canada.

Back in the town of Jaco on the coast of Costa Rica to see if it has changed and see what I remember. We did not spend a lot of time in Jaco when we were staying south, on the coast but it was Jaco where we would come to get our groceries, beer, and enjoy a night meal or night out.

Jaco has changed a bit, but still the same little Costa Rican beach town I remember. Also, made extra special by the people I met at Hostal de Haan and the terrific weather.

Costa Rica sunshine puts a smile on my face.

Video, Jaco Costa Rica and the beach of Jaco on the coast of Costa Rica.



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